With a therapeutic massage, you are going to be relaxed, you’re going to be able to move better, and we are going to address those issues that aren’t allowing you to stay relaxed.  I believe therapeutic massage should be a vitamin and not the antibiotic, it can be, but if you use it like a vitamin for preventative measures then you might not need all the antibiotics later.  My goal is to help people in the community see therapeutic massage in this light. I need to be the change I want to see in the community.  I want to be the light to shine to inspire others to be a part of this change.  



A Phoenix (as seen in my logo) symbolizes the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. I have been feeling this inner strength and renewal within myself over the past year and I want to share this with all of you...my clients.  I want to inspire you to become a Phoenix.  I want to be a guide to help you see the light you have within yourself and find the strength to let it shine.  I want to try to free you from pain to allow YOU the opportunity to grow and hopefully discover your true potential in whatever it is you wish to do in this life.  

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